mango sticky rice 1

Mango Sticky Rice

I love food. I live to eat and one of my favourite to-dos when I visit a foreign country would be to try out as many local cuisines as possible. Sometime back, I landed in the land of smiles and I knew that my waist line was in trouble. Thailand is well known for its […]



If you asked me what is the most romantic dessert, I would pick Tiramisu. It’s Italian and that’s reason enough. Not to mention that chocolate, coffee and light mascarpone cheese is simply a match made in heaven. It has always been up there with Panna Cotta as my top dessert choices in an Italian restaurant. […]

eggs benedict

5 Reasons why you should cook your own Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict is possibly one of the most popular and sought after brunch item in the menus you see today in cafes. When I meet my friends for brunch, Eggs Benedict used to be the ONE item I will always order. Nothing else interests me. That is until I found how out cheap it is […]

dark choc

Dark Chocolate Tart with Gula Melaka Butterscotch

I’ve been lazy I know. But if I’m coming back with a recipe like this one, I guess I can be forgiven… right? Okay well jokes aside, I’ve been really busy with work (who isn’t?) among other things (being lazy and hanging out with procrastination, my new best friend) which explains my absence. So I […]


Classic Lemon Meringue Tart

Zesty, tangy and fruity. What’s not to love about a classic Lemon Meringue Tart? I love lemons to begin with (I know I’ve said this before, but I really do love lemons). While others hold on to a cup of coffee, I would choose a freshly squeezed lemonade to pick me up anytime. The thing […]


Shiroi Koibito 白い恋人

Also known as the Chocolat Blanc et Langue de Chat, this is probably the most popular to-buy-home souvenir after a trip to Japan. It is a snack from Hokkaido but nowadays you can possibly buy it in other cities like Tokyo or Kyoto. I love the sweet, milky white chocolate, sandwiched between two thin, buttery cookies. […]

banana and butterscotch pudding

Banana Butterscotch Pudding

When my boyfriend and I went to Tokyo last year, we visited one of Bill Granger’s restaurant in Shichirigahama, a good 2 hours train ride away from Tokyo city. I’ve never actually heard of Bill Granger until my boyfriend’s colleague insisted that we must head to one of his restaurants (especially the one in Shichirigahama, […]


Lavender Crème brûlée

I have been a little (okay, more than a little) obsessed with the Lavender flower lately. I’ve always liked Lavender but recently, it has become an addiction (almost). I love that it has a sweet smell and it’s so distinctive. One whiff and you know it’s Lavender, nothing else. Other than its calming and stress […]

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